Hi i'm jo

I first experienced living in a solar powered home when I spent six years on a 40 acre property in Colorado. It was completely off the grid and had a small battery based system of less than 5kW. I was so impressed by that experience that I wondered why more homes didn’t have one.

Within 10 years of that, the solar industry took off and I was fortunate enough to join the industry after rigorous training. I have worked for large and small solar companies since 2011 and in 2014 received the highest credential available in the solar industry, the NABCEP professional (# PV-100414–010196). In that time I sold, designed or project managed over 114,000 kW of solar power systems to homeowners and small commercial businesses.

These experiences gave me insight into a piece of the process I want to improve upon to support the industry’s health and growth – namely, your experience as a potential customer. You deserve better and I look forward to making that happen for you. My favorite experience in the solar industry is seeing people’s expression as they watch their utility meter running backwards.

On a personal note, I grew up on a small New England farm where I learned hard work, commitment through adversity and responsibility to community, family and the land around me. These values are second nature to me and are probably the reason my favorite pastimes include walking or biking in nature.