Here’s a typical hiring ad for a solar sales person:

College Degree or some college preferred but not mandatory. Some experience and success in a commissioned sales role including: recruiting, time share, investments, stock trading, real estate, mortgage, mattress or furniture, pharmaceutical, medical device, leasing, loan agent, travel agent, software or advertising, personal lines insurance or commercial insurance, home improvement, solar, etc.

Ok, sales people do need some sales skills but you don’t see any mention of needing solar knowledge. Even having solar sales experience is listed last. Vendors will be training their sales people about solar but in a very general way and usually for 2 weeks or less.

California, with an incredible amount of sun and the most solar friendly government policies in the nation, has only a 4% adoption of solarpower. Though pricing is critical and does contribute to that single digit, prices have gone down by half or more of what they were five years ago. So why just 4%?

Soladvisor strongly believes that the consumer is generally reluctant about solar for themselves even when they recognize solar as a good idea in general.  A consumer has many questions about solar and rightly so. Where can consumers get the answers they need and deserve? Up to now, this requires quite a bit of effort and time on their part and the data can be a lot to digest. Solar technology may be clean and simple but all the decisions preceding a solar project are not. As an industry, we need to make it easier for consumers to gain knowledge and confidence in solar.

This is our mission. Soladvisor is consumer focused, not sales focused so our attention to detail and the information we prepare for our clients makes it clear what their path to solar should be or not.  Soladvisor’s knowledge, guidance, project design and finance options, will put you well on your way to getting the best vendors and pricing.